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Stains-for-cabinets, staining kitchen cabinets is an easy, inexpensive method for turning a worn, outdated kitchen into something beautiful and warm and modern. with the right stain, a sander and a rag, your kitchen cabinets can be transformed in days.. Remember, stain is for the color of the cabinets. it does not protect the wood. you need to put on a finish. if you use an oil-based stain, use an oil-based polyurethane for a finish., if you opted for a traditional stain, you don’t strictly need to seal the cabinets, but considering the inevitable wear and tear, it’s probably a good idea. polyurethane sealer goes on with a....

If you want to tone down your cabinets because they are too red or warm, look for ash colored stains or even test the gray colors. gray wood tones with a very slight hint of warmth are stunning. if you want to add additional definition to your cabinets, a trick is to glaze corners and lines in an almost black stain and wipe off excess stain., apply the stain as instructed, using a rag to work the stain into the wood, going with the grain. as the first coat of stain dries, apply a second coat. seal the stain with a polyurethane sealer and allow the cabinets to dry before installing and doors or hardware..

A coat of pre-stain conditioner will help the wood absorb the stain more evenly. use scraps of wood to raise doors and cabinets above the surface. then, wearing disposable latex gloves, bunch up one of the rag squares you cut and use it to wipe on the conditioner. let it soak in for about 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess., staining doors when they're attached to cabinets isn't just more difficult; it can also lead to unwanted and unsightly drips and bubbles. so, the first step in how to stain kitchen cabinets is to remove all the doors, as well as the hardware..

Cabinet stains stains are applied to cabinet doors to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, while also adding beautiful color. a variety of stain applications are used across our cabinetry brands. cabinet stains can range from light to very dark., this post has been a long time in the making. i had thought about gel staining my cabinets for months and finally jumped in this winter. maybe it was the winter boredom that seems to happen around january, but whatever the case i set out to research this craze and update our bathroom vanities.